17 Designs That Were Executed Perfectly Despite Their Peculiar Appearance

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There are many things that differentiate people from one another, including facial features and other, deeper characteristics. One of these is a sense of style and taste in design. Some people like simple and elegant things, while others aren’t afraid to be eccentric and attract all the attention. The good thing is that you can be eccentric and elegant at the same time.

Bright Side discovered 17 designs of all kinds that might sound odd, but their execution was amazing.

1. “A foot stool”

2. The most attractive guitar ever

3. “These lobster flip-flops I got”

4. Barbie foosball table

5. “A chair made from 65 pairs of Yeezys”

6. “If anyone asks you to turn a mannequin head into a lamp...don’t.”

7. “Apparently, it can also swivel.”

8. “A Bluetooth cat speaker at the swap meet”

9. “Have a seat on a saguaro (chair).”

10. A tennis ball chair — looks comfy, doesn’t it?

11. “A metal shipping box sculpture”

12. The paint job is top notch.

13. The best hot dog to have on your arm

14. “I guess it’d be good in a dark biology classroom?”

15. “Eye toe eye”

16. “Toefers”

17. Imagine having to wash this furry car.

Have you ever discovered anything so eccentric yet perfectly made that brought up a mix of emotions?


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