17 Examples of Perfect Camouflage That’ll Make Any Ninja Green With Envy

2 years ago

If you liked Where’s Waldo? as a kid, get ready to dive into this exciting game once again. Whether it’s a cat on a chair, camouflage pants, or a reflection that blends perfectly with reality — sometimes objects, animals, and people match their surroundings deceivingly well, even though they weren’t ever meant to. It’s time to wipe your glasses and try to distinguish what’s going on in each of the photos below.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered 17 pics that show the art of disguise and look like completely different objects.

1. Sometimes rain transforms trampolines into portals to other dimensions.

2. It took 10 minutes to find the dropped Oreo.

3. Ever wonder what a hatched avocado looks like?

4. “My debit card blends into this old cabinet.”

5. Now nobody can see you work out!

6. The first rule of being a cat ninja? Blend in with the wall.

7. “This bar of silver looks transparent on my countertop.”

8. Pinky finger!

9. “Wearing the floor today...”

10. “The barn owl camouflaged with my back porch.”

11. “My neighbors’ tree fits perfectly in my window.”

12. The new Softsoap body scrub is made from pulverized bathroom tile for extra efficiency.

13. “I guess we have a new appliance.”

14. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

15. Hiding in plain sight.

16. The best hide and seek pants award goes to...

17. “This dragonfly has the same color pattern as my swim shorts.”

Have you or your pet ever camouflaged in a similar way? Share your best pictures with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit 9999monkeys / reddit


The trampoline effect is even more effective because it only has 3 legs! I think it's missing one

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