17 Eye-Opening Pics That Could Be Posted With the Hashtag #TodayILearned

3 years ago

It looks like there’s nothing you can’t find on the internet now, and if you know where to search, you can see some truly rare photos that will show you how the world works. A geyser ready to blow, the inside of a beehive, or even a gecko’s feet when they’re sticking to a wall — these are just a few epic views you can see while scrolling feeds on social media. The best part of reading this one-of-a-kind live encyclopedia is that you don’t have to leave your cozy home to learn the secrets of the universe.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve looked through Reddit threads in search of the rare views few people were lucky to see, and we hope you find our selection both educating and entertaining.

1. What a geyser looks like right before it blows

2. “This is how thick the edge of the glass can be on a pair of −20.00 prescription glasses.”

3. A caterpillar and the butterfly it eventually turned into

4. “The difference in my legs after being in a cast for one month”

5. How thick the wool of a Merino sheep really is

6. What a dam built by beavers really looks like

7. “What happens when you soak an egg in lemon juice”

8. The intricate pattern on this block of wood is from when it was electrocuted.

9. “This is what happens when you polish a coconut.”

10. A close up of the mesmerizing eye of a horse

11. “This is what a screw looks like before the threads are added.”

12. “How a tree is cut into planks”

13. “What an X-ray of your hand looks like when you have nail studs on”

14. A sugar crystal you can find at the bottom of a maple syrup bottle

15. What the inside of a beehive looks like through a window

16. How huge some avocados can get. This one weighs about 3.76 pounds.

17. This is what a gecko’s feet look like when it’s sticking onto walls.

Have you seen anything rare or surprisingly interesting lately? Show us a picture of your discovery in the comments!

Preview photo credit DreamLanding_RL / Reddit


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Not sure I would want to get honey from that "beehive". I think the wasps might get angry.


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