17 Mysterious Objects Whose Purposes Would’ve Been Impossible to Crack Without the Internet

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Throughout the existence of human civilization, many things that make our life easier have been created. The purpose of some objects is quite clear — you can tell by the way they look. But with some other inventions, you have to think hard to figure out what they’re actually used for. But the good thing is that smart Internet users are always there to come to the rescue and explain what to do with these mysterious things.

“I found this bag with liquid in my hotel room. What is it?”

“I found a weird pot with a flat bottom and side. It’s hollow and has a stopper.”

“My wife found it at a thrift store, but we have no idea what it is.”

  • It’s a “New Age” crystal energy piece. The center “pendulum” crystal came from an antique electric table lamp, and the rest of it is bits and pieces from candleholders or incense/oil burners. © Franken****** / Reddit

“What is this gray box for? I’ve seen it at parks and nature sites in Iceland.”

“What is this red-painted steel ball with light in it?”

“I found this numbered stake with a floater on top at a beach house.”

“What is this thing made of glass? It’s around 3.5 feet high.”

“I found this hook made of silver, whose purpose is unknown.”

  • It’s a boot button hook. Ladies used to hook all those tiny buttons on their boots with it. © CLShirey / Reddit

“What is this ice phenomenon I found on the forest floor today?”

  • The term for it is “frost flower” and has to do with moisture freezing as it escapes plant tissue. © feric51 / Reddit

“What is this? I found this chair at a thrift store. It has a buckle, and the bottom part to put your legs on moves.”

“I bought a cute container at an auction, and it’s full of these red Mickey Mouse beads. They are filled with a scented liquid.”

“What are these barricades leaned up against doorways in Mallorca?”

  • These barriers prevent rain from getting inside on a windy day. We also have them in Croatia. © cekosfranz / Reddit

“What are these red plastic-looking tubes? There’s something white and fibrous inside, all contained in a sterile blister pack.”

  • Next time you start cleaning, insert one into your vacuum cleaner bag to add scent to your home. © nitro479 / Reddit

“What is this thing? It looks like a ring.”

“What are these utensils I got in a mixed pack at the thrift store used for?”

“What is this hatch I’ve seen on the outside of houses in the UK?”

  • It’s a boot scraper for getting the mud off your shoes before going in. They are pretty common. © togtogtog / Reddit

“A sliding tray with holes on both sides of this sofa — what’s it for?”

  • It’s a tray table. It has another piece to it. It’s a tray with matching pegs. The tray goes on top and the pegs slide in. They fit together, so the tray sits tightly. Then you take the tray back to the kitchen and put the sliding part back, so it’s not in the way. © Klutzy_Journalist_36 / Reddit

Do you know any other objects that have puzzled you for a long time? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit kitebuggyuk / Reddit


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