17 Panoramic Photos That Look Like Digital Representations of Picasso’s Paintings

11 months ago

Raise your hand if you’ve never been photographed with a huge double chin, three ears, or a hump. Usually, those are the coolest and funniest photos because they were taken by accident, especially when you tried to use the panoramic mode on your phone.

1. “Failed panorama, so I got this horrifying picture of my friend.”

2. “My dog was walking while I took a panorama.”

3. “When my friends tell me they got my back”

4. “New model of microcar”

5. I don’t remember Superman having such a powerful neck.

6. “A Picasso”

7. “Tried to take a panorama from our hike today, and my boyfriend isn’t happy with the result...”

8. “Square man”

9. “This might sound a little cheeky...”

10. “My dog’s hearing is better than mine.”

11. “My friend caught this hunchback.”

12. “It’s hard to look this good.”

13. “They say the camera takes off 10 pounds and adds a few inches to the snout.”

14. “I think I broke the panoramic mode.”

15. “My boy out here with the long arm”

16. “Found a Matrix cosplay at a wedding”

17. “Why the long face, bud?”

Which of these panoramic images made you laugh the most? Have you ever taken this kind of pictures? How did they turn out for you?


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