17 People Who Didn’t Settle Until They Reached Their Body Goals

year ago

Motivation is wanting to achieve something, which keeps you from failing since you think about how much you have to lose. In order to keep the momentum going, you need to set a realistic, achievable goal and start planning it out for your everyday life. Of course, you will need some support during all this effort, since everyone can have moments when they feel they are about to break. But hard work always pays off in the end, and, hopefully, the results will make you happy.

1. “Just over a year’s progress of whole food nutrition, strength, and HIIT”

2. “From 735 lb to 400 lb, 165 lb from my goal”

3. “8 months in, almost all the weight lost and a new face gained!”

4. “4 months of protein-led keto and some running/HIIT/a little bit of weight lifting. I’m 41 lb to my goal weight.”

5. “First motivation was to lose weight for my job aspirations. Fitness then turned into a passion.”

6. “6 months losing, 3 months maintaining, face gains”

7. “This is me, 4 years of 16:8 intermittent fasting and some OMAD, in addition to hardcore dieting and working out.”

8. “CICO, daily cardio (power walking) and battling the mental cravings of eating while bored”

9. “From 320 lb to 154 lb, just to give you hope. You can do it.”

10. “6.5 months of progress, really starting to see a difference now! Never thought I’d wear large or medium clothes.”

11. “Bye bye 30 pounds, please let the door hit you on the way out.”

12. “From 227 lb to 128 lb in 12 months”

13. “After being morbidly obese most of my life, I have pretty intense body dysmorphia. Picture comparisons like this keep me going.”

14. “Still a work in progress. Does anyone else suffer from body dismorphia? I struggle to see the change in my body most times.”

15. “From 410 Ib to 263 lb in 16.5 months”

16. “20-month journey, lifestyle change and natural method, arm lift in 2 weeks!”

17. “From 265 lb to 154 lb in 20 months, no cardio”

What keeps you motivated when you want to achieve a goal you set your mind to? Is motivation coming from within, or does something else keep your head high?


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