17 People Who Look Ridiculously Similar to Movie Characters

5 years ago

Imagine having a professor who looks exactly like Professor Snape from Harry Potter, being able to concentrate in class would be mission impossible. From the subway to the corner cafe and even at school, we might come across people who are carbon copies of our favorite movie characters.

At Bright Side it’s our thing to match real life with the world of imagination, that’s why we selected some examples of ordinary people and famous characters who are like 2 peas in a pod. The bonus at the end of the article will make you blink once or twice. So, keep scrolling!

1. I asked my teacher why she had to go and kill Dumbledore and she failed me.

2. This bus goes straight to Mordor with Saruman on it.

3. Moana, the Princess of the Sea, has come to life!

4. Prince Adam looks really handsome in real life.

5. Even Tarantino would be confused with these guys.

6. And this girl looks like Mary Katherine from Epic.

7. Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead is ready to fight some zombies.

8. I just found Dumbledore sleeping at Starbucks.

9. The force awakens in real life with the real Luke Skywalker.

10. Men In Black commuting to work on the SF ferry

11. He’s so similar to Christian Bale in Psycho that he could be his replacement.

12. Edna Mode in a suit is the best thing we’ve seen today.

13. This guy looks like Adam Sandler in Just Go With It.

14. Harry Potter and Hagrid are taking the bus to Hogwarts.

15. This girl looks exactly like Margaret Tyrell from Game of Thrones.

16. Heisenberg from Breaking Bad is in my drug store.

17. The Moscow subway is home to Star Trek’s Spock for today.

We hope that you enjoyed the compilation of these doppelgängers. Which resemblance did you find incomparable? Have you ever met such look-alikes yourself? Feel free to share your photos and comments below. We’d love to see more of our favorite characters for real!


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It feels like this women was an inspiration for Edna Mode. Or I can't find any other explanation why do they look so similar ?


Title should say: 17people who tried to look like TV or movie characters. It's pretty obvious they did it on purpose

4 years ago
Oops. The comment was captured by a UFO.
4 years ago
The comment has left, but promises to come back.
4 years ago
Something crazy happened here... Sorry, it's a secret.

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