17 People Who Won the Online Shopping Jackpot and Got Something Extra With Their Orders

year ago

Many people like to shop online because of its practicality and the wide variety of products offered. The downside is that we sometimes don’t get exactly what we ordered. But we’d like to show you that this process isn’t always disappointing. So we’ve compiled some images of users, which exemplify that this way of buying things can not only meet our expectations, but even exceed them.

1. “Breakfast jackpot”

2. Personalized kitty pillow

3. “Pleasantly surprised! Tasted great too”

4. “IKEA frozen food”

5. When the dessert meets our expectations:

6. When the image matches the product 100%:

7. “It’s my son’s birthday today, and he wanted a fire-truck cake. It came out better than expected.”

8. Even the cat’s the same!

9. “A warehouse barcode scanner was accidentally dropped inside the package I just received.”

10. A clear example of generosity

11. “I like pickles; I am satisfied.”

12. “My expectations were met.”

13. “I ordered a single sound bar and was sent 4.”

14. “My packet of 4 loaves of naan bread contained 5.”

15. “Ordered Domino’s with a BBQ base, not a metal one”

16. Looks like someone won the lottery

17. “Curtains with star shape cutouts”

Tell us about a time when online purchases exceeded your expectations.

Preview photo credit ra66itz / Reddit


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