17 Photos That Captured the Beauty of Time

2 years ago

The strange thing about time is that in the blink of an eye, the years fly by, but perhaps not much has actually changed. Our love for those closest to us remains strong as ever, and we may even pick up new romances decades after first meeting, as if no time has passed. This is something that makes time so special and adds a touch of beauty to our lives.

Bright Side would like to share some people whose lives were touched by time and its effects.

1. “Then and now, same stoop. 71 years ago, my grandmother dated this guy. They reacquainted 2 years ago and recently got married!”

2. “Cancer took away my hair when I was 18, the side effects of chemotherapy, unfortunately, made sure it didn’t grow back.”

“I’ve always been self-conscious about it, but people have been helping me embrace the baldness recently!”

3. “My mama and me — best friends then, best friends now.”

“Life moves pretty fast...if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

4. “Then and now, nothing has changed.”

5. “First time I saw my son, Zeus, was 4 years today. Crazy how much we’ve changed.”

6. “My 78-year-old grandmother, then and now”

7. “Then and now: my grandmother, her sister, and her maternal cousins. Top photo was taken in 1938, the second one in 2018.”

8. “The way my wedding ring has changed my finger over nearly 7 years”

9. “This smaller rock drilled a perfect hole through this bigger rock over time.”

10. “This impressive tea staining in my mate’s mug — you don’t even need a teabag to make a mug of tea!”

11. “4 years ago, I took a photo of my son. Over the years, his behavior in the morning has not changed. Typical owl...”

12. “Before and after the rescue — our foster kitty, Hamilton, cleans up nicely!”

13. “It’s amazing how so much and so little can change over the course of 5 years. I love these guys (I’m the one in the middle).”

14. “Only a couple of things have changed over 15 years...”

15. “Then vs now”

16. “Like father, like son! His picture was taken over 30 years ago. Mine was from today.”

17. “Day and night in Nuuk, Greenland”

When did you first meet your partner? What before and after pics do you have to share with the world?

Preview photo credit Lee72821 / Reddit


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