17 Photos That Reveal the True Face of Time

2 years ago

Time can be so slippery that within the blink of an eye, we’ll find that we’ve been married for 30 years, even if we feel just as young at heart as when we first met them. From general wear and tear to the astonishing healing powers of time, we’re constantly reminded of its strength and all of the new opportunities it brings. It’s good to remember all of the good that time gives to us.

Bright Side would like to show you all of the faces of time that many people have managed to harness for their benefit.

1. “My parents in 1970 vs now”

2. “Sasha before and after being rescued”

3. “My boyfriend’s hands next to a tea field worker’s hands in Hangzhou, China”

4. “Found my father’s work permit. He arrived in the late ’60s in Belgium as an immigrant from Morocco.”

“He planned to stay for just a few years. He never left. This is him today.”

5. “Was diagnosed with cancer on July 10 of last year. I can say I’m winning the battle and got my hair back!”

“Been a couple of months cancer-free and I feel great!”

6. “My husband and me in 1989 and then 33 years later in 2021 after 30 years of marriage”

7. “Head chef cutting bread on the same spot, finally getting through the board”

8. “My boyfriend’s work boots, bought almost exactly a year apart, same company and style”

9. “This leaf that the wind used like a drafting compass”

10. “A washing line absorbed into a tree over time. Must have been there for about 30 years.”

11. “3 of the same hats — 2 years old, 1 year old, and brand new”

12. “The remaining core of this rotting pine tree”

13. “The difference in use between the freezer and fridge over time”

14. “This is the till at the convenience store where I work. Look at the holes that have been worn away over time by the cashiers grabbing change!”

15. “Layers of ice formed around a twig over time by the spray from waves.”

16. “My grandfather’s worn down car key”

17. “In response to ’Is it common for goldens to sleep upside down?’ Some things never change.”

How much have you changed since you and your partner first met? Do you have any powerful “before and after” photos to share with us all?

Preview photo credit foxy-cilantro / Reddit


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