17 Pics That Prove Holidays With the Family Are Anything but Boring

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11 months ago

There’s nothing quite like spending the holidays at home, in the presence of our loved ones. And these people showed us how our families can make our Christmas brighter and merrier, with their pranks, funny gift ideas, or even just by being their silly selves.

1. “My daughter when Santa told her that he can’t deliver live animals for Christmas”

2. “We have been putting this little Chewbacca in the Christmas tree for ages and I never knew why...”

“I just found out that my mom thinks he is a gingerbread man.”

3. “My parents are retiring and want to travel full time. My brother sent them this suitcase for Christmas.”

4. “My brother told our grandma, jokingly, that he wanted 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas. Grandma doesn’t like being challenged.”

5. “Still waiting for my wife to notice the tomato in our Christmas tree.”

6. “The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face.”

7. “Our family has a 35+ year tradition of disguising Christmas gifts. This took over 80 hours to build.”

“This is actually disguising a golf umbrella, hidden in the ramrod. It is made out of cardboard, with a little foam for structural support, plus the candy cane spokes.”

8. “My Mother-in-law made all the men in our family a pair of these sleep pants for Christmas.”

9. “Just got my Christmas gift from my grandparents. I’m 31.”

10. “My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas... I don’t think she’ll be very happy.”

11. “My 4-year-old niece made this scene. What’s going on here? ’Mommy is taking the Christmas card photo.’”

12. “I bought my wife a necklace for Christmas.”

“The guy asked me if I would like it gift wrapped. I told him yes, and to make it look as horrible as possible.”

13. “Being the older ’mature’ brother on Christmas morning.”

14. “I sat there, wondering why my mother-in-law had a severed toe Christmas tree ornament. Upon closer inspection...”

15. “My wife called to let me know that she took the perfect Christmas card photo.”

16. “We took the same Christmas photo 18 years later! I’m the lamb.”

17. “My mom always reminds me how I cried my eyes out the first time I saw Santa Claus.”

“Took my daughter to visit him for the first time, and she kept the tradition alive.”

What is your happiest Christmas memory with your family? Do you have any Christmas traditions that you do with your loved ones?

Preview photo credit altrefrain / Reddit


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