17 Sights That Will Take Your Brain for a Spin

year ago

Coincidences are what make life so interesting yet so mysterious. Because we don’t know whether the curious sights we witness are the result of pure luck or if the Universe is trying to send us a message through them. After all, the odds of having a perfectly timed pic or 2 objects matching 100% in color is one in a million. And the fact that it is happening to us at precisely one moment might be more than just a meaningless occurrence.

1. ’’The way this lays chip bag lines up with my buddy’s face.’’

2. ’’Ozzy found a ball on our walk.’’

3. ’’This wrinkly egg matches my husband’s wrinkly head.’’

4. ’’My sneaker matches my gym’s floor.’’

5. ’’My friend’s dog can levitate.’’

6. Alien

7. ’’Wife doesn’t look amused by my mid-photoshoot levitation.’’

8. ’’He’s just on top of the closet.’’

9. ’’Those are not grass pants.’’

10. ’’My pup, about to go for a swim’’

11. ’’Extra protein on your sandwich’’

12. ’’Napping comfortably.’’

13. ’’Flip lock sandals’’

14. ’’I look poorly photoshopped into this picture from my honeymoon.’’

15. “Floating T-shirt”

16. “Image I took while helping my dad with roofing work”

17. ’’There is no hole in the grass.’’

Do you often come across this type of questionable situation? Do you think that there is more to these sights than just a simple coincidence?


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I sure love frogs but not on my sandwiches, lol. Wonder if the OP used it as a prop for the photo or if it was another unfortunate victim of a bag of salad mix, like several others that I've seen. I hope it was safe and healthy and got to live a good life after it's sandwich photo.


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