17 Simple Guys Who Grew Their Hair Out and Outshone Hollywood Hotties

3 years ago

Most men in the world prefer short haircuts. We’re so used to this that long-haired guys get a lot of attention. And there’s a good reason for it because it’s impossible to take our eyes off of some of them.

We at Bright Side are sure that luxurious hair can transform a man beyond recognition, and here are 17 photos that prove this.

1. “Until the age of 22, I used to wear a short haircut. Now I chose long hair, I like it better this way, and I don’t care about what people think.”

“This is the most beautiful person I’ve seen outside of Disney cartoons!”

2. “I’ve been growing my hair out for 5 years!”

3. “My classmates used to point and laugh at my gray hair and I started dying it. But I haven’t cut or dyed it for 3 years!”

4. “I curled my hair for the first time. If you have long hair, give it a try — you might like the result.”

5. “Bellatrix Lestrange’s hairstyle”

6. “A year and 5 months, but it was worth it.”

7. “Curls or waves?”

8. “I’m almost 40. I love long hair because you can change your style in a couple of seconds.”

9. “Can’t wait to show everyone my long curls.”

10. “My grandma passed away when I was only one year old. But I inherited this hair color from her.”

11. “Then and now”

12. “I’ve thought about cutting my hair many times but I know I’d regret it.”

13. “Guys, I’ve been growing my hair out for about 4 years!”

14. “This is me before I cut my hair off. I made a horrible mistake.”

15. “My hair is about 4 years old.”

16. “Me at 18 and 27”

17. “It’s been almost a year and a half and my hair caught up with my beard.”

Do you like men with long hair? Or do you prefer conservative short haircuts?


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Long hair suit very, very few men in real life. The only place most look good is in historical movies.


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