18 Photos That Show the Inner Strength of Single Fathers

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3 years ago

Many of us know how hard it is for single mothers to raise children and provide for them. But there are many men who are single fathers, and even though it’s hard for many dads to get used to it, they learn to braid their daughter’s hair, do manicures, and organize celebrations with yummy meals.

We at Bright Side are proud of dads who are not ashamed of talking about the difficulties they face.

“9 months since the divorce, I have primary custody, and I feel unstoppable.”

“This is the type of ’matching his and hers’ I need in my life!”

“As a single dad... This right here is amazing.”

Time for a 10-mile adventure!

“Just a heads up for all you other single dads with daughters who have long hair. Using a ‘wet brush’ when they still have conditioner in their hair in the shower can help remove tangles and snarls, making brushing and blow-drying easier.”

“I’m a single dad who recently figured out flat braids so I took a shot at doing something more advanced.”

“As a single dad, I had to put my foot down and tell my 7-year-old daughter that there was no way she was getting a dog for Chanukah, no matter how much she asked. Anyway, meet Waffle.”

“My daughter and I got matching tattoos (I’m a single dad).”

“First year as a single dad... set up for the kids when they wake up in the morning.”

“I’m a single dad going through a divorce. Despite the hardship and difficulties, I received this from my daughter. Guess I’m doing something right.”

“Single dad here, doing his best.”

When you’re a single dad and your kid is with mom on Christmas Eve, you can make a steak for yourself.

“One advantage of being a single dad is that you can decorate the house in whatever way you want to!”

“Third year as a single dad. First time cooking turkey and stuffing. Came out pretty good!”

Single dad looking for some love

“I was really nervous to become a single dad last summer. My daughter splits her time between me and her mom, but I’m extremely proud of the home I’ve built for us.”

“After I got divorced, I looked for creative ideas for my boys (since, as a single dad, I didn’t get invited to many things). Here is us doing Falconry in 2015 (these are hawks).”

When persistence pays off:

How much time, in your opinion, are dads supposed to spend with their children?

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me and my sister live together with mom and dad but since mom goes to work at 7 am and comes back at 10pm my dad only has to come home every few hours cause he can he's a taxi driver and so, my dad does everything and not everything but he does my hair


reminded me of my dad. He also takes a lot of care of me. When I was young he helped me to choose clothes, do my hair, cooked for me


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