17 Stories About Rich People That Made Our Heads Spin

6 months ago

It’s often said that the rich have their own quirks. It’s understandable because they live entirely different lives and are used to the fact that almost nothing is impossible for them. So it’s no wonder their actions sometimes baffle the people around them.

  • My friend was employed by a very elderly pop star. She lived on the grounds of his mansion, and she didn’t pay for her accommodation. What was her job? She was supposed to very gently wake the singer up by opening the curtains in his bedroom in the morning and playing classical music. © princessflubcorm / Reddit
  • I worked as a housekeeper for some wealthy people for several years. I had a very good relationship with the landlady and would even say we were friends. One day, she came home from a party and let me take any dress from her closet. I picked the most nondescript one, not realizing how much it cost, and then it turned out that I had actually picked the most expensive one. It was worth almost as much as I had made in 2 years because I was paid very well. I sold the dress, renovated my mom’s apartment, paid off all her loans, and put some money aside for the future.
  • I once went with a millionaire to a fast-food restaurant closing in about 20 minutes. He asked to speak to the manager right when he walked in. When the manager came over, he asked what they would do with the cooked food after they were closed. The manager replied that they’d throw it away. The millionaire stated that paying full price for food about to be thrown out would be strange. They spent about 8 minutes haggling and finally settled on half the price. But that wasn’t all. When we got to the car, my companion said that I was paying for the meal since he was knocking down the price. I replied that I was giving him a ride home, so he should pay himself. He was indignant but eventually agreed. © Carl Grant / Quora
  • I was dating a wealthy man. And I realized this: almost nothing had any real value for him. He bought an expensive mixer and immediately burnt it when making Christmas candy. If he wanted more sweets, he would’ve just purchased another mixer. Nothing was valuable or important to him. © BlitheringEediot / Reddit
  • I once worked at a ski resort. There are dozens of houses in the area that are all valued at over $10 million, and all of them are empty. They’re just buildings that billionaires bought on a whim. © stonedfishing / Reddit
  • I had an exciting boss at my first job. He was a fabulously wealthy guy. Despite this, he worked hard, came into the office almost daily, worked 8 hours straight, and sometimes even stayed up working overnight. One day we talked, and he told me he had a hobby. He writes to random people online and asks: “Do you want me to send you a million bucks?” He said that in 5 years, no one had believed him and said yes. It took me a long time to stop flinching when I received his messages. He didn’t offer me any money. He just sent me stupid memes.
  • I work in Hawaii. One day, 2 people came in, one of them was a prince from Saudi Arabia. Every time someone helped or talked to him, his “helper” would count out $100 bills and give them to that person. It was wild. © Jorjott / Reddit
  • I used to hang out with a wealthy guy who was 8 years older than me. A housekeeper had been cooking meals for his family all his life, and they had several cars in their garage. This guy’s mother once just threw away his motorcycle because she was against him riding it. It’s a whole other world. I, on the other hand, was a regular student in average sneakers. I dragged him to the grocery store one day. He walked in and froze when he saw the shelf with energy drinks: “I’ve always wanted to try one, but my friends would laugh.” Standing a foot away from the shelf, he hesitated to approach it. I sighed and grabbed 2 cans. They are strange, these rich people.
  • My uncle worked for a fabulously rich man. He owned several huge office buildings in business districts that he rented out. My uncle drove him around and was his errand boy. One day, after a busy day at work, the millionaire’s wife asked her husband to buy my uncle lunch. They stopped at a store, and the millionaire insisted that my uncle try the free food samples and choose the tastiest one. And after my uncle tried all the samples, the man said, “Well, you’re probably already full.” © Meklit Gebre-Mariam / Quora
  • A friend of mine was abroad and got a job in a very high-end cafe in Dubai. She served a customer who had shopped a lot and had numerous shopping bags from the fancy boutiques around her feet. My friend suggested that she leave her purchases in the cloakroom, to which the customer replied, “Oh, you can have them all, I don’t feel like carrying them home.”
    My friend kept those items for the rest of her shift, ensuring they stayed with her. The next day, she put on her best outfit, went to the stores, and returned almost everything she could. She ended up with $25,000 in cash and another $4,000 in credit notes. There were only 2 items she couldn’t return, which she still has 15 years later. © Toe_Detective / Reddit
  • I was once working at a lesser-used airport. Suddenly, a Boeing 737 passenger plane arrived. Our ground crew loaded luggage into it, and a man with a dog got on the plane, but then he got off the plane without his dog. The plane then took off. Turns out, a wealthy family sent their private Boeing 737 to pick up the dog. © SonicStun / Reddit
  • I once had a fairly rich coworker who discovered I was going through a tough time. I worked at a fancy place then, and rich people were always hanging around. So he “solved” my problem this way. He told me, “Buy a house with 3 bedrooms, live in one of the rooms, and rent out the rest.” Just buy a house. Yeah. © lavenderacid / Reddit
  • My college roommate treated clothes, bed linens, and appliances like disposable items. For example, he’d get a new deep fryer for €50 when the old one would need to be cleaned. © UnoriginalUse / Reddit
  • I rent out a luxury apartment. We once had a co-founder of a large payroll company staying with us who had an interesting request about sleeping only on his bed. So he hired movers to bring his bed into the apartment. We helped, made some space for it, and so on. But the funny thing is, he only stayed with us one night, and we sent his bed back the next day. It amazes me that he went to all this trouble just on principle. © Techno_Wasp / Reddit
  • A few years ago, my uncle bought coffee in a luxury restaurant. The cashier turned out to be the owner of the business, who suddenly had a heart attack. My uncle provided him with first aid and took him to the nearest hospital. A month later, he went to the place again. The owner greeted him warmly and suddenly said, “By the way, you forgot to pay for your coffee last time. My uncle paid and never went back.” © Ludovico Lazzati / Quora
  • My neighbors are very wealthy people. But money hasn’t spoiled them one bit. They help an older lonely lady who lives in our building. They regularly pick up stray animals from the street, treat them, and look for new owners. They helped a single mother pro bono when her child was hospitalized with a serious illness. If more people were like this, our world would be an amazing place.
  • I realized that I had met a truly wealthy man. He recently walked me home, and we went to the store because I needed to buy some cheese. The guy told me to choose whatever I liked. I replied that I just wanted something regular. And he bought me a big truckle of cheese! The biggest, heaviest truckle of cheese! How is that even possible? I’d only seen them in cartoons and thought that cheese was always sold in small pieces...

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