17 Times Nature Photographers Went the Extra Mile to Take the Perfect Shot

4 years ago

At first glance, being a wildlife photographer might seem cool — you can travel around the world, meet people from different cultures and, of course, take amazing shots everybody will admire later. But it’s not as simple as you may think, because this type of photography requires a lot of preparation and you never know what to expect from your models from one situation to the next.

Bright Side gathered 17 photos that show being a nature photographer is not an easy task.

17. To take the perfect photo of a panda, you have to become the panda.

16. “Hey cutie! Just don’t eat me, okay?”

15. That’s how you make new best friends.

14. When you’re literally flooded with work:

13. Little camera assistants!

12. Sometimes your models are the only ones who understand you.

11. When you’re passionate about your work, even poisonous snakes don’t scare you.

10. When you’re both too tired of shooting:

9. “Hey, where’s your birdie?”

8. “Let’s take a selfie together!”

7. When the butterflies aren’t just in your stomach:

6. “Sharks? What sharks?”

5. “Don’t worry. You keep taking photos and I’ll keep an eye out for danger.”

4. The most wonderful moment in nature photography

3. One of the secrets behind National Geographic’s amazing shots is the diversity of their photographers.

2. Even the tiniest creatures deserve our attention.

1. To be a good photographer, you not only need to be stress-resistant, but also cold-resistant.

Would you like to become a nature photographer? Share your opinions with us in the comments!


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