17 Times People Had to Accept That Their Animal Was “Broken”

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When your pet is trying to hide under the rug, just pretend that you don’t see it. Each animal has their own set of weird habits that can make us smile. Even the most awful day can be brightened up with a small act of your pet’s craziness.

We at Bright Side know how to boost your mood and are sharing 17 pictures of funny animals who decided to behave weirdly.

1. “Genuinely, I’m not sure what Toast is doing.”

2. “Tasty fence! Check out this deer in Nara, Japan.”

3. “Yes, he’s sleeping.”

4. “I think my cat has picked up on my limp wrist.”

5. “He thinks he’s a squirrel.”

6. He is about to start a fight.

7. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?”

8. “Open the door.”

9. “Meet Charlie.”

10. “He’s about to speak Italian.”

11. “My kitten stole a glove she found in another room, tried to climb the scratching post, and dropped it.”

12. “Derping is exhausting.”

13. “Without fail, every time we empty the dishwasher, she jumps in and just stares at us.”

14. “Ducks being derps”

15. “She thinks she’s stuck even though she jumped in there.”

16. “He thinks he can’t be seen.”

17. “I’ll just sleep here until the food comes out.”

What pet do you have? What weird thing does it like to do?

Preview photo credit fyae / Reddit


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