17 “Wow” Wedding Photos of 2018 That Took Our Breath Away

5 years ago

Every year Fearless Photographers have a competition called the Fearless Awards where the jury chooses the best wedding photographs. The most creative and trendy photographers compete and we get to enjoy the results of their creativity. Where else can we see such emotional and unusual photos?

We at Bright Side really loved this idea and we offer you the chance to take a look at the work from the winners.

This dog knows something.



The photos are incredibly emotional.


They will never forget this photo.


Amazingly lucky to capture such a moment!

Aquaman’s bride

Perspective is everything.

Great angle!

Frozen music

He wants to be one of the big guys.

This photo is perfect.

Summer mood

When you’re late for your wedding:

“When will this whole thing be over?”

Which of these photos is the best, in your opinion? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit PASQUALE MINNITI


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I'm in love with these! The photographers really need some award for their job


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