18 Animals That Are Doing Their Best to Lose Extra Weight

2 years ago

While thick, chunky animals might seem cute, animal obesity is actually becoming a big issue nowadays. The wrong diet, laziness, and lack of movement can all result in excessive weight gain and can come along with a whole mess of health issues. The fluffy characters in our article and their owners did a great job “de-chunking” and fighting off any extra pounds they had.

We at Bright Side were astonished after seeing a chunky lizard — yes, even they can carry extra weight. We applaud each and every animal in this compilation and would like you to appreciate their hard work too.

“From 23 lb to 13 lb — still have a bit to go, but my owner no longer refers to me as his chunky boy!”

“From 3.3 ounces to 2.8 ounces — Alexander has reached his goal chunk!”

“Belle’s doing so well on her de-chunking journey. This weekend she got a well-deserved haircut. Give her some love!”

From a chunk to a hunk!

“I got him 2 years ago and he was 49 lb, now he’s 27 lb!”

From 20 pounds to 14 pounds!

“Big Tony is now Tiny Tony.”

From 114 lb to 75 lb within 2 years! Looking good, Shiloh!

De-chunk mission complete!

“2 years ago, the vet told me my cat needed to go on a diet. Here’s the result.”

“My cat has been successfully de-chunked.”

“Look at Wolfgang go from June to November!”

“De-chunkhuahua: lost half of his body weight!”

“She was on a special diet from the vet for a bit, but the biggest difference was when we got a kitten that forced her to run around largely against her will.”

“Meet Gnocchi. About 6 weeks into the de-chunk, he started off at 20 lb. He’s now on a wet food diet.”

“5 pounds down!!! 17.5 pounds to 12 pounds! I’m so proud of her.”

“She used to be fat and dirty, had breathing problems, and was unable to clean herself. After losing weight, she’s blessed and highly favored.”

Extra weight is gone but those paws still look just as charming!

Which of these transformations impressed you the most?

Preview photo credit Azrielenish / reddit


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