18 “Before and After” Photos That Tell More Than a Thousand Words

2 months ago

Most often, you can see the changes or progress with the help of “before” and “after” photos. Sometimes, these side-by-side comparisons can be astonishing. It might even seem that these comparisons are either staged or photoshopped. But all the photos in this article were taken by real people, who were probably shocked themselves by this powerful contrast.

“I just found my holy grail drugstore skin tint.”

“Before and after the dog park”

“Rhinoplasty, 6 months post”

“I’m at 26 and 33. No diets or surgery, just a healthy lifestyle.”

“My closet before and after cleaning”

“My ears before and after getting them reconstructed (almost 3 years healed)”

“My looks 2 years apart. My weight hasn’t changed, but I started exercising. That’s how well-trained muscles affect your overall shape.”

“Before and after: 2 years and a little love later”

“My mum had a full facelift. She’s 66 years old.”

“I’ve had Snuffy for 41 of his 63 years. He’s on his second set of eyes and third batch of stuffing, and has been repaired by me, my mother, one of my uncles, 2 of my aunts, and both of my grandmothers.”

“Sometimes I don’t recognize myself in the mirror.”

“Got my Power Glove reworked!”

“Neck lift: 18 days post surgery. Very pleased with the result.”

“Practice for progress! Makes me so happy and proud that I didn’t stop trying. My first ever cake vs my cake now.”

Changed my lifestyle and started taking care of my skin.”

“My dog got a haircut: before and after.”

“I’m just so proud that I managed to transform these sticks into normal human arms and even grow some delts.”

“My nickname was ugly Betty.”

Our article has come to an end, but if you like before-and-after comparisons, we have another compilation for you where people shared the photos of their homes before and after cleaning.

Preview photo credit HappyCuppiccino / Reddit


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