18 Common Items With a Design That Is Anything but Boring

2 years ago

All over the world, many artists and designers dedicate themselves to pouring their whole imagination into various products, no matter whether they are great works of art or beautiful clothes that we see on catwalks and in magazines. Sometimes, the creativity of their designs reaches the most common objects, like the ceiling of a shop full of fantasy or a banana peel sign.

Bright Side invites you to see some unique designs that users found during their daily routines.

1. A bird-shaped bottle opener

2. “This entire house is a roof.”

3. “My collection of uranium glass that glows under UV light!”

4. A stylish wooden chair

5. “This slippery surface sign shaped like a banana”

6. “Barcode of a noodle box.”

7. A die within a die

8. “My co-worker’s hoodie has headphones threaded through the drawstring.”

9. “My wife bought me this ring for our anniversary. It’s made from old computer chips. (And it glows in the dark).”

10. “My protein powder scoop is designed to sit on a lip just under the lid... so you don’t have to reach into the powder to grab it.”

11. “The clip on my sunglasses looks like an insect.”

12. “In France, we don’t have the Tooth Fairy, but the ‘Little Mouse.’ At the dental practice I went to, there is a door for the mouse in the waiting room.”

13. “My plane is split into star wars factions.”

14. “A single seat bench.”

15. “This radio station has piano keys as an awning.”

16. “Bike stand with integrated seat rain protectors”

17. “An open/close straw holder.”

18. “This dishwasher projects a timer onto the floor.”

What unique things have you found on the street? What is the most unusual or original object in your home?

Preview photo credit MrLemmingSaysHello / Reddit


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