18 Cooking Failures That May Make You Reconsider Making Dinner at Home

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Cooking failures happen to everyone, you just need to treat such instances with a little humor. And those who like to experiment with food know what it’s like when your pancakes end up getting burned, your cookies come out of the oven hard as rocks, or you just get something indescribable that later haunts you in your dreams.

At Bright Side, we believe that failed dishes are no reason to get upset. The main thing to remember is that you cooked it with love.

“I made banana bread but added an entire bottle of red food coloring to it.”

“I made a pizza in the microwave. I can share the recipe if you’d like.”

The Alligator Loki cake is the best present you can get on your thirty-ninth birthday.

“These biscuits I made are the hardest substance known to man. When you’re really hungry, you can use them to grind up rocks into flour.”

“I was making hot dogs and realized I didn’t have any ketchup or mustard, so I put baked beans on them instead.”

“The horrific tradition my family calls ’Easter loaf.’ It’s served cold.”

“A breakfast pancake my daughter made — I thought it was meat!”

“I made a loaf of bread using lemonade instead of water.”

“I ran out of tea bags, so I used coffee filters and aluminum foil instead.”

“I made fried strawberries.”

“The ice cream cake my fiancé made for me”

“I experimented with food at work. I present a deep-fried tomato.”

“I finished my cheesecake without the sides of the pan on.”

“My roommate wanted to see what happens when you grill shelled eggs.”

“This one guy claims to be a ’professional chef,’ then makes this ’tropical cheesecake.’ I don’t know what to say.”

“My girlfriend made this pancake. What do I do?”

“3 different shades of pancakes for lunch”

Everyone makes mistakes. Arugula, vinegar, and mustard just don’t belong here.

What was your worst culinary fail? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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