18 Elderly Fluffies That Can Easily Beat Any Newbie in a Charm Contest

year ago

Seeing lovely animals makes us happier. But we tend to consider cubs as the main cuties and sometimes forget that old, gray furries are equally as magnificent. And perhaps it’s their life experience that makes them look so charming.

We at Bright Side are ready to change our minds about elderly pets and prove that they’re just as nice and sweet as babies — even frogs! Don’t worry, you’ll understand this more after seeing the bonus feature.

1. “My 15-year-old buddy still knows how to win hearts over.”

2. “My girl is 11 years old but will always be my puppy!”

3. “My pouty 13-year-old man”

4. “My old man, Wilson, who just turned 13 — this is how he greets me at the front door!”

5. “Pecas is 13 and in his prime.”

6. “My old girl! She was here before the husband, kids, and other pets. My Sadie girl!”

7. “Meet Amy! She’s 12 and I rescued her yesterday. I love her.”

8. “My 14-year-old stinker boy. A mi-ki named Buggs, and the light of my life!”

9. “This is my 12-year-old baby, Stevie, and me.”

10. “Ah! My 17-year-old little lady!”

11. “For 16 years, she knew not to get on the counter. Since she turned 17, she’s decided to start making up her own rules.”

12. “My lovely dog turns 11 years old today.”

13. “Budders (18) is a very sweet old chap who still goes nuts for a tennis ball!”

14. “This good boy turns 12 today!”

15. “My girl turned 15 today and she’s still so young looking.”

16. “21 years old (both of us in this pic) and still goofy!”

17. “This little guy is 15 years old, deaf, and going blind, but he’s still just as playful as the day we got him.”

18. “Here’s my 12-year-old beautiful girl, Squishy. I love her so much and just wanted to share her with you all.”

Bonus: “This handsome man is 19!”

Have you ever had an old pet? How old were they? You can show us their photos in the comments.


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