15 Hotels That Are So Cool, Anyone Would Love to Go Back

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There are a lot of hotel competitions around the world: they receive awards for the best design, service, and even for the best restaurants. So we decided to create our own nomination — “The Most Creative Hotel.” And we would like for you to be on the jury with us.

“The vending machine at my hotel has Tide in it.”

“The hotel I’m staying at has 2 rolls of toilet paper, each one going in different directions.”

“My hotel from this weekend used to be a bank. They turned the vault into a bar!”

“My hotel also had exit signs near the floor, presumably for when you are crawling on the floor to avoid smoke inhalation during a fire.”

At the Europa Park Hotel in Germany there is a tiny children’s bathroom in the bathroom.

“This welcome towel in my hotel room”

“My hotel shower handle tells you the water temperature.”

“The pillows in my hotel room are labeled by preference.”

“The bathroom signs at my hotel are trying to hold it.”

The room numbers at this hotel are on the floor.

“The sewing kit at my hotel came with the needles pre-threaded.”

“Last time I was in Las Vegas I ran out of towels. I told housekeeping that I would tip one dollar for every extra towel put in my room.”

“I requested a photo of James Earl Jones for my hotel room. 5-star customer service!”

“My hotel gives you a rubber ducky.”

“This bread at my hotel also comes with a curly tail.”

Which of these hotel photos surprised you the most?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit FrugalBartender / reddit


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The guru of hotel service!
When I was younger and travelled with my parents, the hotel's stuff made cute elephants from towels and left them on my bed. It was so adorable!


I would give the hotel that places the room numbers on the floor a five star review! Amazing idea for people like me


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