18 Lucky Souls That Would Make Any Pirate Jealous Because of Their Unusual Finds at the Beach

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Sun, warm sand, and seawater are for many an infallible combination that predicts excellent vacations. But, when we thought that nothing could be better than this mix, fate tells us that Lady Fortune can bring us even more good stuff. This is how, on an ordinary day at the beach, there are some lucky ones who come across real treasures worthy of boasting on the Internet.

Far from envying them, Bright Side wants to share the joy of 18 lucky people who found valuable or unusual things on the shores of the world.

1. “Found while visiting England at the beach, found on my foot after it felt like I got bit.”

2. “These 4 almost identical seashells I found on the beach!”

3. “My happy porpoise rock that I found on a beach in Washington State 20 years ago.”

4. “This creepy cloud was enjoying the beach with us.”

5. “I found a dragonfly at the beach.”

6. “The various shoes I found cleaning —100-yard section of beach, Bolivar Peninsula, TX.”

7. “Shark teeth my family and I found at the beach this week.”

8. “Found this on a beach the other day — apparently, it came from a fishing boat and is a device for locating shoals of fish.”

9. “Found almost perfectly round shaped stone at a beach.”

10. “This agate we found at the beach.”

11. “This piece of coral I found on the beach.”

12. “I found an angry rock on the beach.”

13. “UFO rock; encountered on the shores of Discovery Park, near Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA.”

14. “This rock’s crystal formation I found at the beach.”

15. “Rocks I stacked on the black sand beach in Iceland”

16. “This Blue Dragon (Nudibranch) I saw at the beach.”

17. “The sand on this volcanic beach is highly magnetic and sticks to my phone case’s magnet.”

18. “Silver/gold/diamond bracelet find at the beach last night. It retails for $750!”

What is the most valuable or unusual thing you have found in an unexpected place?

Preview photo credit honeycats1728 / Reddit


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