18 Marvelous Things You Will Hardly See in Your Daily Life

3 years ago

According to science, we have a chance to experience something exceptional once per month. But we believe that it’s possible to make this number bigger. Let’s try to do this and see if we’re right.

Bright Side found things that you won’t easily see every day. And we offer you a chance to see 18 amazing things at one time and beat those scientific statistics.

1. “This chameleon doesn’t realize he has been born yet.”

2. “People, this is a lamp!”

3. “A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole during sunset”

4. “The smallest maple tree leaf I’ve ever seen”

5. Nature is a master of color.

6. “My lava lamp threw me the peace sign today.”

7. “This tree just finished a game of solitaire.”

8. “Looks like they’re flying to the moon.”

9. “A pole with decades of staples from flyer bills”

10. “These flowers that are almost too vibrant to be real”

11. Dragons exist!

12. Life cycle of a blueberry

13. It must’ve taken forever to grow this bush.

14. “There was a baby tangerine inside of my tangerine.”

15. “My mom microwaved some birdseed to disinfect it before putting it in a beanbag and accidentally made tiny popcorn.”

16. “Found a double struck quarter today.”

17. “This tree that was burnt in a bushfire continues to live.”

18. Spherical cloud

What would you like to see with your own eyes? Have you ever seen any surprising things like the ones on this list? We would like to hear about it in the comments.


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