18 Painfully Honest Photos Proving Parents Can’t Relax Even for a Single Moment

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4 years ago

Childhood is a great time when you can and should relax. But it’s not like this for everyone. Sometimes it’s a never-ending obstacle course both for parents and for children. Food experiments, problems with thinking outside the box, broken devices and ruined things, harsh reality, and first disappointments — all of these things inevitably happen when raising kids.

We at Bright Side never get tired of watching how creative children can be. Eventually everything they do will seem funny to them and their parents, but only in hindsight.

My friend’s 4-year-old cousin just cut up some money and told us that, “She’s cooking.”

“My son refused to drink his milk from a cup.”

“Here’s why men’s rooms need real changing tables...”

Never leave your devices where children can find them. Never.

“Maybe we should keep an eye on William.”

“I told her to stop eating with her hands.”

“My nephew asked for a dollar, but didn’t say he wanted to make a wish with it...”

They have seen some stuff...

When you suddenly get tired:

Ruthless parking enforcement

When your father is father of the year:

When my son told me at 10 p.m. that he needed a birdhouse to bring to school the next day:

“Just walked into my daughters room to find her using a blanket as a pillow and pillows as a blanket.”

“My daughter has a 50% chance of putting her shoes on correctly and is wrong 100% of the time.”

When she was trying to escape, but fell asleep:

“Fun with nail polish on my face, brand new pajamas, and the couch...”

“It happens to everyone, kid.”

When your kid becomes attached to the squash you were going to cook for dinner:

What funny stories do you remember from the lives of your children? Maybe you can share some of them with us.

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I also told my parents about my school projects about 9-10 P.M. :D
No idea how did they manage to stay calm
The laptop gif is more than just painful. Or the kid is just spoiled...

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