18 People Who Had a Mini-Shock Because of Their Discoveries

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Sometimes, our day starts out peacefully, and we really don’t expect to see or feel anything special. But suddenly, life can dish out a sight that might seem straight out of a movie, causing us to have many mixed emotions. What we see can make us laugh, engage in a strong facepalm, or even have our jaws drop to the floor.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected photos from 18 people who saw something that totally made their day unforgettable. We’d love for you to take a look at these mini-shows together with us.

1. “My dog literally looks like a pregnant woman waiting for her husband to return.”

2. “I left a cabbage in my fridge for too long and now it’s pregnant with another cabbage.”

3. “My friend’s cat got its head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this.”

4. “My sister came to visit and she brought her dog. I couldn’t find him for a while and here’s why.”

5. “Didn’t expect this to happen at X-Men last night.”

6. “My 4-year-old was crying into his blanket and left this face.”

7. “My friend’s nephew today”

8. “Remmy, my one-eyed squirrel, babysitting a baby mouse”

9. “That shark tooth”

10. “I recently acquired a bird’s-eye view.”

11. “I got these coasters you can hang on your nose.”

12. “My right eye is split vertically — brown on one side and green on the other. As a baby, it was blue and brown.”

13. “My orthodontist dressed up as the tooth fairy today!”

14. “I stopped at the light, then turned to my left to see this.”

15. “Being late to work saved my life. If I’d left home 2 seconds earlier, this car would have fallen on top of my head!”

16. “My cat has a cleft nose/this adorable little tooth gap.”

17. “Almost lost my consciousness in the middle of the night. My daughter left this toy.”

18. “My nephew has the Batman symbol in the gaps of his teeth.”

What photo came as a total shock to you? How did it make you feel?

Preview photo credit sillygoosed / Imgur


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as my top 2frount teeth and my bottem 2 frount teeth were growing it literly looked like texas exspusally sence i just to have a gap at that time.


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