18 People Who Prove Love Only Increases With Time

2 years ago

Loving someone and being loved in return is the best thing that can happen to us. It is also a special feeling because it gets bigger and deeper as we grow older. So when we’re admiring the relationship we have with our partners, parents, siblings, or children, we’ll notice that time makes us cherish them even more.

We at Bright Side believe that time brings people closer, and that’s why we decided to gather some pictures that will overwhelm you with emotions.

1. The years may pass by, but love is there, always.

2. “She loved the photo, so she was buried with it in her hands. I wish I had words.”

3. A photo recreation, 20 years later

4. “They renewed their wedding vows for the second time on the seventieth anniversary of their wedding.”

5. “Mom and Dad fell asleep watching the news. :)”

6. “We dated in high school for 7 months, broke up for 10 years, then reconnected and got married. We’ve been secretly married for almost 2 years but our ’wedding’ will be next year.”

7. “Future marriage goals: my parents, 30 years in”

8. Together in sickness and in health

9. “My grandparents have almost made it to 79 years of marriage.”

10. 75 years of marriage never looked more beautiful.

11. The love of brothers and sisters is unconditional.

12. “Dance with me, always and forever.”

13. “One decade down, forever to go.”

14. “I captured what 60 years of love looks like in my grandparents.”

15. More proof that soulmates do exist.

16. “After being separated for 3 years, they will be spending the rest of their days together under the same roof.”

17. Nothing beats a bond between sisters.

18. “My grandparents wanted to do a photo shoot for their sixty-sixth anniversary. My grandpa, art-directing: ’Okay, now we should look at each other lovingly.’”

Which picture made you scream, “Aww!” the most? Do you have a picture of your own to share with us?

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