18 People Who Will Reboot Our Perception of Body Standards

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While we’re used to certain body standards, nature is much more creative and diverse than we would expect. We might not notice, but people whose bodies are different from what we see on magazine covers are all around us. With the world becoming more diverse and more people sharing their unique body features, it looks like it’s time to reboot our perception of “normal.”

1. “I’ve been told my peace sign is unusually wide.”

2. “Got my new business cards today.”

3. “My neck skin is stretchy enough to allow me to suck on it with no hands.”

4. “I have a hitchhiker’s thumb”

5. “I have a few white eyelashes.”

6. “Both of my pinkies have a single fold.”

7. “It’s totally normal to grow eyelashes all the way around your eye, right?”

8. “I was born with a scar on my eye.”

9. “Macro shot of my blue and brown eye”

10. “I have decided to embrace my grays by letting my hair grow.”

“I started going gray at a very young age, and I would dye my hair black out of embarrassment. ”

11. “Polycoria — a condition of the eye which has more than one pupillary opening in the iris”

12. “I was born missing my right pinky finger.”

13. “I was born with naturally pointed ears.”

14. “My son was born with this hole above his ear.”

15. “My fingers lose circulation when I get cold.”

16. “My hand after a shower,” this person surely has a great sense of humor.

17. “I give you 5 fingers”

18. “Enjoy and don’t be afraid — we’re all bloody gorgeous!”

Bonus: When people see that you’re different from others they can’t help but get curious. This man nailed these situations.

Yes I am tall
I am 6’10’’
(No, I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall)
No, I do not play basketball
I play volleyball
Yes, seeing the tops of everyone’s head is weird
Yes, the weather is nice up here
This has been a great conversation.

What was the unique body feature you’ve seen before? Can you do any weird thing with your face or body? If yes, tell us more about it!


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Loads of Ehlers-Danlos people in these photos (pics 1 and 3 and the hitchikers thumb especially). Also the white fingers person has Raynaud's disease. These need medical follow up.


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