18 People With a Great Taste That Made Their Homes Simply Amazing

2 years ago

We think that everyone would love to live in a place that looks great. Some people ask designers for help, others rely solely on their own taste and talent. The people from this compilation decided to not wait for anyone’s help and turned their homes into places they can be proud of.

We at Bright Side use every chance we get to enjoy someone’s original interior designs. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus about a person that doesn’t need a lot to be happy.

“Outdoor movie theater for the kids”

“Dog demanded a cozier swing”

“The daybed in our living room on a sunny day”

“Installed a wood ceiling. Our sheetrock ceiling was badly damaged by a burst pipe and we had to replace it.”

“My favorite place is my little conservatory.”

“First efforts in bringing an entire studio together by upgrading piece by piece. Happy with the progress so far!”

“Mural I hand-painted in my dining room”

“My makeshift closet vanity!”

“Not a professional, but I’m really proud of the way I designed our new home! Here are some of my favorite areas.”

“Cozy backyard theater setup I put together”

“Reading spot overlooking the bay”

“Early morning on my porch”

“Enjoying my first spring in this house”

“My first flat. The headrest was carved in Bali.”

“My self-built school bus conversion”

“Balcony is reaching its final form.”

“My cozy self-built shed”

“My new coffee table just arrived.”

Bonus: “I don’t want to add anything.”

Do you prefer to decorate your place by yourself or do your trust a professional more? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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