18 Pets That Are So Unique, It’s Hard to Believe They’re Even Real

3 years ago

There are about 900 million dogs in the world and just as many cats. All of them are unique, but some pets are so peculiar that you can’t help but wonder if they actually exist.

At Bright Side, we regularly post articles about pets and have seen many things, but still, some of these images left us speechless.

“My cat Domino has heterochromia, and one of its side effects is that light reflects differently in each eye, causing him to look like the Terminator!”

This puppy’s paws seem to grow faster than the rest of its body.

There’s no doubt this cat is planning to take over the world.

“My dog has a cat singing opera following him at all times.”

This cat was born with natural eye makeup.

“He’s watching the debate. He is all of us.”

“I’m pretty sure this cat escaped from an anime or something.”

“His eyes have transformed over the years, and it looks like a whole universe has developed in them as he’s aged.”

“A Dobby-looking, ferret-shaped, pup-acting creature”

“He looks like he’s wearing miniature bear claw slippers.”

“The cat I just adopted has spot patterns that are reminiscent of Jack Skellington.”

This python is always ready for Halloween.

The Lykoi is a cat breed that appeared in the process of natural mutation.

This puppy can be forgiven for anything.

This is the saddest cat on the Internet.

“My cat has thumbs.”

“This is my dog, Frankie. I’m pretty sure there’s just elevator music playing inside her head all the time.”

“It looks like he eats souls, and the cat food you feed him is just a filler between his real meals when he sneaks off at night.”

Do your animals have any special features? Share their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit SgtNene / reddit


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