18 Photos Proving That Each Haircut Hides a Unique Story

5 years ago

You’re probably familiar with the exciting feeling you get after you leave an appointment with a hairstylist. But sometimes you may leave with the opposite feeling: if you don’t like your new hair, you feel awful. Have you ever noticed that sometimes people try to “fix” their problems with a new hairdo, turn into a different person, and even change their lives?

Bright Side knows that each haircut is connected to a certain story. Some of them really deserve your attention. Let’s have a look!

“How I introduced myself to him 5 years ago: ’Hi, we have the same hair!’ Weirdly enough, it worked!

“A 4-year transformation, all from learning how to take care of my curls

Don’t ask, “why?” — ask, “why not?”

5 years ago, I got out of the navy and I pledged never to get a haircut ever again. I wasn’t aware that this is what was waiting to be unleashed.

“I’m a dad of cute girls. I finally managed to work out how to do a butterfly braid.”

“The pic on the left is what I showed my new hairstylist, the pic on the right is the result. So happy to have found someone who knows how to work curls!

I got a chop and love it! My hair is going to charity!

When a cool top knot is just a necessity:

A few weeks ago, I asked what I should do with my hair. Everyone mentioned a pixie cut. So here it is!

“First year of college to my fifth year!”

I got to send off my beautiful sisters to their first day back to college, I think our curls morphed into one unit that day.

Who said curlies couldn’t pull off an asymmetrical haircut? So happy I took the risk and finally did it!

Transformation from wanting straight hair for years to loving my natural waves, and then suddenly curls.

“I decided that killing my hair wasn’t good.”

Pretty proud of my progress (left: December, right: now).

The crazy red curls that got me teased so much as a kid are now what keep me feeling young at 49.

Most of the time I love my curls. And sometimes they send a little love back.

When they ask, ’What texture does your hair have?’ And you have to give 3 different answers

Have you ever changed your hairstyle drastically? Want to tell us about your transformation in the comments?

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Once I had my hair so long and I donated it, I felt great and like a new person. New hairstyles really make you feel different. Don't you think?

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