18 Photos Showing How Animals Can Take a Nap Absolutely Anywhere

3 years ago

Cats can sleep 12 hours a day, dogs — 10 hours, and opossums — 18 hours. And the place doesn’t matter when you’re in dreamland. The head of your owner, a shoe, or right on the street — any of these places is as good and comfortable as the next for our adorable animals.

We at Bright Side are in love with animals and their snores, so we decided to share 18 new pics of their sweet slumber with you.

1. “I’m a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people.”

2. “I see a chipmunk, I take a nap with a chipmunk.”

3. My bowl, my chicken. The best spot to get some rest has been found.

4. “My new cat only sleeps on my head.”

5. “This is how my brother’s dog sleeps in the car.”

6. “Miss, may I nap in your nest for a bit? This little bird followed me from my car.”

7. Almost like a human

8. “Here’s Daphne sleeping like a lady.”

9. This is the best way to tell that he just doesn’t care.

10. “The cat has been asleep like this for the past hour.”

11. “This duck likes his water so much, he fell asleep in the bowl.”

12. “Please, do not disturb.”

13. This cat doesn’t have any problem traveling in a car.

14. Zero energy to go home

15. “Shhhh... I’m actually trying to nap in here.”

16. She found her safe place.

17. If she fits, she sleeps.

18. “She just decided this was a good place to nap.”

How does your pet like to sleep? Do you have funny pics of it? Please share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit quantizedd / reddit


Number 3 is just my mood right now :D This would be me if I was a dog 100% :D
I'm jealous, I can only really sleep in my own bed... if I sleep anywhere else I will have a terrible night
#13... I hope that person knows its not safe to do a cats nails like that, their nails retract unlike dogs (not that you should do this to dogs instead) and so the nails might be painful...

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