18 Photos Showing How Warm and Funny Relationships Between Siblings Can Be

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4 years ago

Living with a brother or a sister means sharing chocolate bars, fighting for your favorite toys, and thinking that “mom loves him more.” Growing up with a brother or a sister means learning to be responsible and compromise. Having a brother or a sister means having a person that can always support you or even replace one of your parents.

People from this compilation know for a fact that having a sibling can be fun, difficult, but never boring. And in light of this, the Bright Side team was happy to look back into our own warm childhood memories.

1. “My friend’s 6-year-old daughter dressed her 1-year-old daughter for the winter, and she’s just so proud of her outfit.”

2.“My son seeing his newborn sister for the first time”

3. It’s not always easy to be an older sibling.

4. “When I don’t want to help my younger brother undress, this is what he does.”

5. “My little brother was too lazy to clean up Monopoly so he threw it in the trash.”

6. “My sister...is SPOILED. They turned my room into her little loft.”

7. However, when your younger sibling is old enough, you can use it to your advantage.

8. “Many people think I’m a mathematician but I’m not. Pi day, 3.14 (March 14), is the day when my brother and I were adopted. We were happy that we got into a wonderful family together.”

9. “My cool sister who was in junior high paid attention to me for once and let me in her room. She curled and crimped my hair and we listened to her cassette tapes. I thought I was hot stuff. It was a good day.”

10. “A big brother cuddling and singing to his little adoring sister”

11. With age, relationships only get stronger.

12. “My husband left me right after Christmas, turning my life into chaos and moving me into my brother’s spare bedroom. It’s not much, but I’ve tried to make it feel like home.”

13. “My nana (from Wisconsin, on the right) and her sister came to visit from California. They were always very close. They both showed up wearing the same exact shirt.”

14. “4 years ago, I had the honor of being a bone marrow donor to my brother who had stage IV cancer for the fourth time. We just celebrated 4 years CANCER FREE!!”

15. Relationships also get funnier.

16. “I found out I’m going to be an uncle! My sister wasn’t too happy about my interpretation of her upside down ultrasound.”

17. “My wife and her sister at the Stanley Kubrick exhibition”

18. “When my parents got married, they had to kneel at the altar and unbeknownst to my father, his brother wrote this on the bottom of his shoes. Earlier that day, my uncle had ’kindly offered to shine his shoes for him.’ My mother’s side was a bit more conservative and unimpressed — my dad’s side howled!”

What funny things happened between you and your brothers or sisters? How often do you see each other?

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