18 Pics That Could Fool Anybody Even If They Had an Eagle Eye

2 years ago

Sight is one of the senses that can be most easily fooled even though we actually rely on it quite a bit. Through the lens of a camera, real magic tricks can be performed without special effects. You just have to be attentive and find the right perspective to take a totally normal moment out of context and create an illusion that’d fool even the most attentive person.

Bright Side wants to show you pics of stuff taken from a perspective that makes them look a little different than they really are.

1. “She has her mother’s hands.”

2. “The white back wall of my courtyard garden looks like the ocean.”

3. “I took a picture of a super tall tram in Hong Kong.”

4. “Sleeping”

5. “Maybe there are too many stairs here but...”

6. “One image lined up perfectly.”

7. “Lady touching my brother at the gym”

8. “Chimera Doggo”

9. “Un-strategically placed instrumentalist behind the pastor at a church service”

10. “2-headed mule deer”

11. “Found this image from a few years ago.”

12. “Baby got legs.”

13. “My 4-legged kitten”

14. “Giant kite at the Wright Brothers Monument in Kill Devil Hills, NC”

15. “2 for 1 special on ducks today”

16. “Not a mirror”

17. “2-bodied cat”

18. “Alien kitty”

What feeling do these strange photos give you?

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Preview photo credit OzZVidzYT / Reddit, NeriaGs / Reddit


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