15+ Pics That Guarantee You an Excellent Mood for the Day

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Everybody struggles with a bad mood now and then, but it’s up to you to turn things around and enjoy your day. And to help you with that, we’ve collected a fresh batch of feel-good pictures guaranteed to put more spring in your step and happiness in your mood.

1. “He may not have an eye, but couldn’t be any happier.”

2. “Now, that’s a great place to be!”

3. “I got a second corgi!”

4. “A kitten and her cat lantern”

5. “Proud mom moment”

6. “I opened the front door to air out while cleaning. Turned around. I do not own this precious dog.”

7. “He’s just a little guy.”

8. “An Amazon worker left a movie review with my order.”

9. “The way he holds me”

10. “My daughter helping my wife burp our newborn son”

11. “’Bunana’ for scale”

12. “My daughter at 2 years old (circa 1999), always climbing into the dog cage to ’keep him company’”

13. “Once a year, the sun is just right to cast these colors in our apartment. 16-year-old Tofi turned into a unicorn.”

14. “I adopted my first dog ever now that I work from home. I think this means she’s comfortable with me.”

15. “When Dad leaves for work”

16. “Mama and daughter — these girls love each other so much, it warms my heart.”

17. “I just found this little girl at work.”

18. “My puppy Penny meeting my grandparents for the first time”

19. “I’ll save you.”

Which one of these pics made you smile the widest? Do you have a mood-boosting photo that can be added to our wholesome list? We’d love for you to share it with us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit brolbo / Reddit


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