18 Pictures That Prove We Shouldn’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

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A different angle, the lighting, a strange perspective, or a combination of all these things can turn a photo that was going to be normal into a real puzzle that puts our mind to work more than usual. At first, it seems that we have entered the world of fantasy in which everything is possible: a giraffe without a neck, a flying boat, an invisible chair... Only later, and sometimes with a lot of effort, does our brain manage to assimilate a strange image, and once that happens, everything makes sense again.

At Bright Side, we went out looking for images and compiled 18 that you may need to look at more than once to find a rational explanation for them.

1. “The baby giraffe at the Oklahoma City Zoo”

2. “It looks as if the van is parked really close to another one but it just has its doors open.”

3. “Shy chair leg”

4. “The wear and scuff-marks on this boat look like an island in the sea.”

5. “Got my hair cut today and I noticed something..”

6. A strange way to sit...

7. What is going on here?

8. Perfect synchronization

9. Too narrow construction

10. “Dropped my phone and the crack it made kind of looks like a hummingbird.”

11. “The 3-legged man”

12. “Which tree is in front?”

13. Cat floating on the carpet

14. A ghost ship

15. A transparent laptop

16. 2 bodies... and one head?

17. “Shriveled garlic that kind of looks like bird with no legs”

18. A cup of coffee with milk... or a plate covering a cup?

When was the last time you noticed something extraordinary in an everyday situation? Do you have photos to share with us? We look forward to seeing them!


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