18 Pictures That’ll Make You Laugh Even If You’re Not Supposed To

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Funny situations can happen at any time. When you’re least expecting it, you might come across something that immediately makes you burst into laughter, even if it’s not the most appropriate moment to do so. As much as we can try keeping our composure, in some cases, we just have to embrace the inevitability of destiny, that we’ve put ourselves in places where we just can’t help but smile.

1. “Went to the zoo today and I’m 99% sure that’s not a cheetah...”

2. “The feeling is mutual.”

3. “The scuff on this flyer makes it look like the baby has dual eyebrow piercings.”

4. “I wonder how many people got rocked by these glass dividers before they decided to bring in the pool noodles.”

5. “My new card came in, whatchu think?”

6. “Someone’s mom said no.”

7. “Ok, I guess I’ll have my emergency somewhere else.”

8. “First vacation I’ve had all year and work won’t stop texting me... should I send it?”

9. “Shop until you drop.”

10. “My wife decided our home was where this jar should go. But what to put in it?”

11. “The pavement is for peasants.”

12. “My GF told me I wasn’t allowed to do anything special for her birthday this year. (Un)fortunately, it is also Labor Day this year.”

13. “A truck crashed in our neighborhood. I climbed the fence to see what’s going on. My wife snapped this picture.”

“This makes it look like I’m running away from the accident scene!”

14. Adopt don’t shop.

15. “I am not eating the plant, I am clearly just practicing the keyboard.”

16. “For 5 years, I made sure I put my hiking socks on the correct feet. Never crossed my mind that I always picked the left one first.”

“Today I realized I had bought large socks.”

17. “Getting really tired of these department store mannequins and their unrealistic expectations of beauty.”

18. “I had to read it a second time as I went by.”

Have you ever come across a situation that was so funny you had to hold your laugh, or everyone else would be staring at you? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.

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In regards to #1: Cheetahs sometimes have dog ‘mates’ at zoos to keep them company as they are shy animals.


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