18 Situations When Good Boys Couldn’t Help Themselves and Went a Little Bit Wild

4 years ago

A recent study showed that dogs really do listen to what we’re saying to them. However, this doesn’t mean that they will always obey our demands. Our furry friends love to play pranks on us as their owners and some dogs may even have more quirks than cats.

We at Bright Side believe that dogs are smart and quick-thinking creatures. But they have so much energy that, when they overdo it, it sometimes brings a little bit of chaos into our lives.

While his owner was asleep, this dog went to the police department and turned into a local star.

In the middle of the night, a dog ran a mile to go chat with local policemen in Texas. Police officers were surprised when Chico came to visit them on February 11th. They played with him, but were worried when the dog ran away from them so quickly. This smart dog returned back home before his owner woke up, so he had no idea about the nighttime adventures of his pet. However, he found out when internet users posted Chico’s story on social networks.

This dog took the ball away from some Turkish soccer players during a game.

“I invited my dog’s best friend over so they could keep each other company while I was at work. They had a great time.”

“How do you like my new parrot?”

“My husband and I were traveling with our baby, cat, and dog. We stopped at a hotel for the night to get some rest, and I couldn’t find my dog. I looked around and saw this:”

“She stole my juice.”

“Our dog’s new favorite toy is the knit blanket I spent over 2 weeks making.”

When you come home because you forgot something and see this:

“Recently, I came home and my dog didn’t meet me for some reason. I heard some weird sounds, went to my bedroom, and saw this:”

“A month ago, we found a half of a pie in this bush. So every day until the end of time we must closely inspect the Magic Pie Bush.”

These surprises might await you every day. Just imagine coming back from work and thinking about what your favorite pets have done this time.

“Is anyone else’s dog able to bend metal?”

“I woke up at night and went to my kitchen. A second after I opened the fridge, my dog was standing near me. He hadn’t even opened his eyes, but was already asking for some food.”

“While I was in the kitchen, my dog got into my rabbit’s cage and couldn’t get out of it without my help.”

He was caught in the act.

“While I wasn’t at home, he destroyed his sleeping cushion.”

“He tears apart everything he can find. And this is just a small part of his destructive career.”

My little fluffy peace wreker:

Do your 4-legged friends often have fun in a weird way? Share photos of their pranks with us.

Preview photo credit Makstum / pikabu


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It's crazy how all of these dogs are so happy even when they know they did something bad


Yeah I love the one that is standing on the.. like window, on the.. inside? Why is there a window on the inside of the house


No matter what they do, they will stay good boys ? unless they attack someone that doesn't deserve it!


What a cute little ones! They are free from being grounded no matter what!


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