18 Times Photographers Tried Their Best to Be More Creative but Went Astray

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Taking the perfect photo is not all that easy. You need to check the angles, colors, and exposition. Still, sometimes those things aren’t enough to get a masterpiece, but a random accident can make your picture memorable. For example, it may be a dog who decided to poop just behind your romantic proposal.

1. “This is the worst picture ever taken of me.”

2. “He’s after the whole sandwich.”

3. “The meeting between my nephew and a bison, besties.”

4. “A young girl posing with a bag of popcorn”

5. “Is she looking at you?”

6. Natural needs are more important.

7. “I mistook the pole cap for part of this cat’s face.”

8. “These mugs”

9. “A hilarious photobomb from a complete stranger”

10. “He’s just on top of the closet.”

11. “Baby, not a good time.”

12. “The elegant British seagull in all its glory”

13. “My friend’s daughter just dropped the best wedding photobomb I’ve seen in a while.”

14. “I tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower today, and it went surprisingly well!”

15. “I tried to take a cute picture with my cat, Jynx.”

16. “I feel lighter.”

17. “A cat mid yawn”

18. “I fell down a hill to get a picture of a turtle. I like turtles.”

Which picture did you like the most? Do you prefer to be a photographer or a model? Why?

Preview photo credit 3vts / Reddit, jwidrick / Reddit


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#12. Looks like the seagull version of Michigan J. Frog's performance of "Hello, My Baby" . The little gull just needs a cane and top hat like the frog has to make its performance a bit more animated.


#4 took me ages to figure out where the popcorn was. Had to brighten my screen and everything ahhhhaha.


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