18 Times When the Real Thing Was Even Better Than the Picture in the Ad

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When selling products, one of the most important advertising resources is the image. That is why companies hire excellent designers capable of creating the most appetizing hamburgers and mouth-watering pizzas. In most cases, upon opening a package, we immediately feel disappointed because the contents are nothing like what the packaging promises.

However, there are occasions when the opposite happens and the lucky consumers get a nice and well-deserved surprise. We have compiled a list of images that prove that reality can sometimes overcome the magic of graphic design.

1. “One of the few cases where reality exceeds expectations.”

2. “Expectation and Reality: Japanese convenience store sweets”

3. “I’ve seen many disappointing sandwiches posted, so I wanted to give a positive report on this cold tuna cheddar.”

4. “Tasted surprisingly nice for the price! Only 90p! (~$1.04)”

5. “Not bad at all. Even the number of tomatoes was the same.”

6. Pretty good, right?

7. “Publix strawberry chocolate cake — as advertised!”

8. “Way to go, Walmart!”

9. “First time trying Lazaro Burgers in Torreón, Mexico. The sirloin burger with onion rings and a beverage costs $8. It was delicious.”

10. “Left: what I ordered — Right: what I got”

11. Almost the same

12. “I ordered pizza from a vending machine today, and sometimes reality exceeds all expectations.”

13. Another satisfied customer

14. “Reality was way better than expectation!”

15. “Ordered from the grocery store. Cupcake ’cake’ for my daughter’s birthday. Pleasantly surprised!”

16. “Ordered the blanket from a website. They nailed it!”

17. “Honestly, pretty good!”

18. “Polish cookie exceeded expectations”

When did reality exceed your expectations?

Preview photo credit Unknown user / Reddit


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