19 Animals Whose Playful Mood Can Make You Forget All Your Problems

4 years ago

A new way to boost your mood has been discovered! It’s being around playful animals who smile, laugh, and even tease us. We’re not scientists but we can surely say that it works.

We at Bright Side tried this wonderful treatment and you can too. All you need is to look at these animals who are having fun!

1. “Let’s have fun together!”

2. “Stop working and play with me!”

3. Leaves can be cool toys.

4. “I’m not afraid of tickling...”

5. “Surprise!”

6. “I’m so happy to see you!”

7. “Look at me, I’m a banana!”

8. “In my dreams, I’m a football player.”

9. “Look at my tongue!”

10. “Let’s see who’s stronger.”

11. “I was drinking my coffee and the next thing I knew, I had a cat sitting on my head — and 2 seconds later, ANOTHER one jumped up!”

12. “I can’t stop laughing!”

13. “I won’t share my toy with others.”

14. “Mom, let me go play!”

15. When your human tells you a joke:

16. “Look what I have!”

17. “Spending time with my bestie”

18. Chin up, tongue out!

19. “I’m your driver today.”

Would you like to play with some of these animals? What do you do when you’re in a playful mood?

Preview photo credit DataDeadliftsDude / Reddit


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I don't like cats, but the cat in number 1 just melted my heart with that big smile ???


I almost had a heart attack with this much cuteness. Oh my Gosh!!! ?


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