19 Awesome Designers Who Are One Step Ahead of the World

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Designers don’t sit still! When practical meets creative, great things are born. You might not realize it, but our lives continue to be shaped by the work of designers. Making your life a better more convenient place is the main goal of every designer. It’s really fascinating how a new perspective could turn a simple idea into something amazing.

Bright Side is going to show you 19 super creative ideas that have been designed by people with a wildly open mind.

19. Ceiling puzzles at the dentist that keep your mind busy

18. Solar roadways will help fight climate change.

17. CleanseBot will keep your bed bacteria-free.

16. A slightly mini-door for first-graders to enter the room with ease

15. A practical multi-purpose bed that will save you a ton of space for your books

14. Fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie packaging

13. Know no harm while doing the dishes.

12. Innovative “strawtini” glass design

11. A sunscreen spray station at the beach in case you forget your sunscreen at home

10. Press the elevator button with your foot when your hands are tied.

9. Environment-friendly cans that you can use more than once

8. An evolutionary mirror door that is easily bendable

7. The sign moves the letter “N” when they’re closed.

6. An elevator gauge that lets you know when it’s time to take the stairs

5. An avocado with a color chart so you know when it’s ripe

4. A creative, family-friendly growth table

3. Bedtime will never be boring again!

2. Useful tech-supporting furniture to charge your phone

1. An awesome-looking dragon LEGO table

Which of these designs would you want to be a part of your everyday life? Tell us which designs you find most useful in the comments below.

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We'd only like to add that the credits for Strawtini belong to us, not to produkt hunter.
You can see that in their description. You can see more products like Strawtini on https://udarely.com
every lift should have such a light, makes everything easier and safer
Oh my, I need CleanseBot! I'm always so scared of these bacteria in my bed, I wash my bed sheets every week

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