19 Household Gurus That Know a Thing or 2 About Saving Money

2 years ago

Thanks to reasonable consumption, we’re learning to take care of the environment and save money at the same time. Because nothing helps you save better than not wasting money. Socks can be sewn and old fabrics can be used to make a new dress.

But internet users keep finding new ways to avoid extra spending. With their own hands, they create useful things for their homes and gardens, decorate their apartments, and really enjoy the process. We at Bright Side also became interested in this important subject and even found some cool life hacks.

How to make an irrigator for $1: syringe and irrigator nozzles

“I’ve used this felted wool hand soap up to 3 times a day for the last 18 months. Extreme value for the money.”

“This squeezer has been helping us for over 10 years with toothpaste.”

New use for a colander

Commercial airplane wheel turned into a 275 lb rotating coffee table

“My husband and I made this for clothes. I designed it.”

“We bought a wooden net, hooks, and paint. I painted and helped with good advice and he did the rest.”

“€80 saved! I turned a pallet into a treehouse for my cat. My cat liked it.”

“I put new fabric on the chair and added black polish.”

“I made bags from second-hand T-shirts. I carry 25 lbs of stuff in them.”

“I couldn’t stand throwing away a good beach bag with a broken zipper. I put in a new one for $1.”

“I don’t own a nail light to cure my gel polish, so I made one with stuff I had laying around the house”

“Use just a bit of the paper towel that you need. I tear off the little bit that I need, then stuff the remainder back into the roll. It works for me.”

“All decor (besides flowers) was thrifted or from Facebook marketplace”

“This ’vital signs’ monitor in a clinic seems to be made from an old ‘android’ phone.”

“It was probably cheaper and easier than building one from scratch.”

“Finally, a Pinterest project that worked well and for not too much. I used sauce jars, added stickers, painted them, and it’s done!”

“I use pantyhose filled with Husky fur to deter rabbits from snacking in my garden.”

“I made a grocery bag out of a rice sack! I liked the elephants on the sack so much I had to make something out of it!”

Ripped dishwashing gloves come in handy.

“Our bed frame broke so I reused the wood to make my son a mud kitchen!”

What do you think about saving money? What life hacks do you have?


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