19 Kids Who Found Such Droll Reasons to Cry for, We Couldn’t Help Chuckling

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5 years ago

Although it always breaks our hearts to see our children cry, there is no doubt that sometimes the reasons for their tears and anger are so hilarious that we can’t help but immortalize the moment with a photograph. And no, it doesn’t make us bad parents!

We at Bright Side found 19 photos of kids crying for the funniest and most ridiculous reasons.

1. “I wouldn’t let him eat the ’8 months’ sticker on his shirt, so he’s looking at his dad to help him.”

2. “I threw away my Batman and now I can’t reach him.”

3. “Definitely not a huge fan of autumn leaves...”

4. “I wouldn’t let him electrocute himself, so I’m the bad guy.”

5. “I can’t reach the coins, they are too far away.”

6. “He’s crying because I wouldn’t let him have a sip of my mouthwash.”

7. “His cookie is broken (he broke it).”

8. “I wouldn’t let her fall off the couch.”

9. “The ball pit was too big for her to drag it from the hall to the kitchen.”

10. “My daughter got mad at me when I wouldn’t let her play a game on my phone during dinner. This was her way of expressing her anger.”

11. “I’m the worst person because I didn’t let him fill his mouth with more cookies.”

12. “Somebody stole my lolly while I was napping.”

13. “I wouldn’t let her watch the movie 300 with me.”

14. “She’s crying because her sister is hugging her snowman.”

15. “I wouldn’t let her chew on the AA battery she found.”

16. “I wouldn’t let him play in the garbage.”

17. “He has just found out that he will be an older brother!”

18. “I wouldn’t let him touch the hot oven.”

19. “I told him that dog biscuits are not for him.”

We are pretty sure that if you’re a parent, you’ve experienced similar funny moments with your children. We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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This is so funny
My parents told me that I actually didn't cry so much when I was a kid. They said, if something went wrong I just got really mad all of a suddent and my face became red, ALL in comeplete SILENCE! IAfter some second I stopped and kep soing my things :D
What silly moments did others have in their childhood?


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