19 Lessons From Masters of Not Giving a Damn

4 years ago

We all tend to worry about things or events that we shouldn't. We get nervous about things or even lose sleep over them, but there are some people who don't seem to give a heck about anything in the world and enjoy every moment of their life without worrying at all.

Bright Side put together some photos that can teach us all a lesson about how to keep things nonchalant. Who knows, maybe you'll find them very useful!

If you prepare for exams under water, no one will see you crying.

I bought an apartment in a new building. Surprise, surprise!

When the floor is lava:

When you cut an instructor off while driving, and he calls a couple of his friends:

"N" stands for nonchalance, a lesson from Ben Affleck.

Everyone deserves such an ad block.

A regular day in the life of an introvert.

Whatever the situation is, enjoy your ice-cream.

This person doesn't need their feet any longer.

When you're a third wheel but you don't care much.

There's nothing special here, just a watermelon on this guy's head.

Is the cat nonchalant here?

Is anyone looking for a new apartment?

When they're told to celebrate a trash bin's birthday, they do it.

It doesn't matter that you're an adult now, you still can ride in a shopping cart.

150 shades of gray or pavement laid in a patchwork style?

This guy is just relaxing in the company of his best friend.

The train operator will see the pipe, speed up, and jump over it. A piece of cake!

You can never outwit a cat.

Have you ever met anyone who is completely nonchalant? Tell us what happened during this encounter in the comment section.

Preview photo credit BeforeSleepGenius / reddit


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