19 Men Who Take Fatherhood as a Blessing and Act Accordingly

Becoming a father not only requires a lot of responsibility but also means building a bond with children based on love, respect, and, why not, a lot of fun. This is why some men become “children” when they lie down on the floor to play with their little ones. Others, on the other hand, feel how their hearts radiate love and melt with their day-to-day activities. Raising a child is not easy, but many fathers would say it’s the best job in the world.

Bright Side tips our hats to those men who take fatherhood as a blessing. Although it can sometimes turn their lives upside down, they enjoy all those sweet moments.

1. “Graduated 6.5 weeks early! We had some scary complications, but mom and baby will be just fine. I am at a loss for words.”

2. “Flew from Seattle to Boston with her and she did so good! Say hello to my little travel buddy!”

3. “Water park was too much excitement for the little lady. Nice excuse not to leave the pool for a couple of hours.”

4. “Is this heaven?”

5. “I thought I’d introduce my 3rd son, tiring but I love getting up at 3 am with him, having him in my arms, and talking to him.”

6. “My beautiful girl turns today. 😭”

7. “Unconditional love: I spent 6 hours assembling this dresser from IKEA for my daughter. I may never be able to move again.”

8. “First time father, love my son so much.”

9. “My son made this tall Jenga castle he wants to show off.”

10. “First time camping in the tree tent with my daughter. In the morning, she said, ’well, that was A LOT of fun!’”

11. “Working from home today, my son comes downstairs wanting to play. How can I say no to this, and what do I tell my boss?”

12. “None of my friends have kids, so I just wanted to share what I’m most proud of in my life with people who might care.”

13. “Every year, my son and I take a photo with him on my shoulders.”

“Every year he gets so much bigger and smarter and makes me feel happier than ever to be his dad. And now I have two boys! We will keep the tradition for as long as I can hold them!”

14. “My first holding my second. The exact same due date 2 years apart (September 28th).”

15. “Joined the club at 1:35 pm today!”

16. “32 years ago, my dad held me. He met my daughter twenty days before he passed away. I really miss him. I love you guys.”

17. “On my first holiday abroad since becoming a dad, my wife caught this. She didn’t even freak out on the plane! Well — not *too* much.”

18. “A storm rolled through last night, so our son spent the night in our bed.”

“My wife got up at some point in the night and took this picture. I guess my son takes after me a bit, lol.”

19. “Righty righty, little buddy.”

What was your most memorable moment with your father? What fun activity did you do with him in your childhood? Do you have a photo that captured that precious memory?

Preview photo credit tehPanaman**c / Reddit


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