19 People Shared Photos of Things That Mean a Lot to Them

3 years ago

Happy moments go by very fast. Sometimes, we just want to grab them and keep them with us forever to enjoy whenever we feel bad. Some people say it’s impossible but others have proven them wrong.

We at Bright Side have collected the most moving photos from Internet users that couldn’t help but share the most memorable things and events from their lives.

“My little cousin asked his brain surgeon before his operation if he could ’fix Sonic’s boo-boo.’ My grandma found this right after he finished his successful 6-hour surgery.”

“This made me smile for the first time in months because my dad has been in the hospital since March.”

“Due to her age and an infection, my old lady, ‘Baby’ has lost the majority of her teeth. Today, her new toys arrived that I’d ordered for her and my mom sent me this picture. She went nuts for hours!”

“This is a negative of my sister and me in identical hot pink bathing suits when we were 8 and 10. I’ve carried it with me in every wallet I’ve had since I can remember. She donated over a liter of her bone marrow to me 5 years ago, saving my life.”

“My cousin’s cat got lost during a house move and made it 3.8 miles back to my aunt’s house after being gone a week.”

“He’s 11 years old and an indoor cat, but he found his way home. My cousin was so happy, as were her siblings. Way to go, kitty!”

“When I was 6 years old, my grandma gave me this blue ring. I wear this ring often in memory of her and when I wore it on my wedding day, I felt her there with me.”

“My dad built a standing garden for my grandmother who has arthritis. Now she can garden every day without any pain.”

“This is a music box that plays a song from a movie from my childhood, and every time I open it, I get goosebumps and my heart feels warm.”

“This is the last note my grandfather left my grandma.”

“This is my grandma’s recipe book which was written by hand before I was born. Her recipes will live forever. Of all the cookbooks I own, it’s my favorite by a long shot.”

“My dog passed away suddenly last year. Weeks before, my boyfriend’s little sister painted his picture for my birthday. I cherish it more every day.”

“I got this tattoo for a dear friend of mine. Red pandas are both our favorite animals: they care for themselves and stay out of other animals’ business. They don’t care about what others think...”

“My dad has never been an overly emotional person. Before I moved to another country with my fiancée, he gave this red ring to me.”

“He showed me this little red ring that was on his keychain for as long as I could remember. I’ve seen it and held it in my hands hundreds of times, but never thought about it being in any way special — just a random piece of plastic you put on a keychain. So he took it off and handed it to me. He said, ’Take it. It was my lucky charm all your life, now it shall be yours.’ When I asked him what it actually was, he just smiled and said, ’It’s from your first pacifier. I think it’s fitting to give it to you, now that you’ll have your own family.’”

“Today I found a note to me from my grandfather when I moved this bookshelf. He made it for me.”

“My beloved service dog, Pepper Potts, won the animal hero award for saving my life by doing her job.”

“Her award, picture, and paw print are on my front wall so I can still see her every day and thank her for being my best friend and partner for all those years and thank her for saving my life.”

“My grandma crocheted this. I was surprised that it was even willed to me because my grandma suffers from dementia. And the last time I told her I liked this blanket was 10 years ago.”

“This is the blanket I saw every time a came to their house (which I bought and now live in) and the blanket that inspired me to start crocheting. I started just so I could re-create this blanket but now I don’t have to.”

“I finished a tiny house that my dad had started.”

“This ring is my most prized possession because it’s a symbol of eternal love. My grandparents had a love story over 60 years long.”

“A week or so after my grandfather died, my dad took my grandma to the gravesite so she could spend quiet time with her husband. While there, she gathered a small handful of pebbles from the ground above where his body rested. All day, she held the stones in the palm of her hand; she said they made her feel close to him. Dad took one of the stones and when he got home he had a jeweler set it in an antique ring setting so Grandma could always hold Grandpa close. She wore it always.”

“For years, my mom and I would look at this necklace longingly whenever we went into the shop. We were completely dazzled by its beauty, but would never buy it since it was so expensive.”

“My mom’s last gift was the money she’d been secretly saving over the years for the necklace. This necklace embodies everything she was: her beauty, uniqueness, and ability to see the light in everything she did.”

“My most prized possession is this photo of my grandmother’s and my hands from when I was 5.”

Do you have anything that’s extremely meaningful to you like nothing else? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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I have a pegus that I have had since I was a baby that mydad first got me the day I was born. Plus I have a Eeyore Baby rattle with a butterfly blanket attached that I bought like 15 years ago when I was still a teen and it is one of my son's favorite toys. I have a ring that my grandfather bought for my grandmother the day that they got together and my grandma gave it to me in 2019 years after my grandfather who my son is named after died of cancer. I have a few other different things that my mom gave to me like the first rabbit that she had when she was a kid back in the 60s and also different other things that you can not find in stores and they are the most collectables and treasures in our lives.


That's a really sick tattoo! reminds me of my girlfriends tattoo, she has something similar in size but it's a pegasus


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