19 People We Can Call Geniuses Without a Doubt

year ago

Sometimes we get so used to everyday banalities that it becomes hard to imagine that things can be different. But thanks to imaginative people, it really is possible. In the right circumstances, these creative folks can come up with unique innovations and, in some cases, give us something to chuckle about.

We at Bright Side are constantly in search of sharp-minded individuals, and down below is a list of people who saw an opportunity and managed to make something smile-worthy out of it.

1. “This Land Rover that’s parked in the plane’s overhead bin”

2. “The house cleaner left a flower in the toilet paper.”

3. “In a village I’m staying in, they camouflaged the rubbish bins to have a less visual impact on the village.”

4. “Saw this ’artwork’ in a restaurant bathroom last night.”

5. “I found this in the theatre elevator today.”

6. “The perfect box for my CAT”

7. “My 5-year-old son designed a dinosaur and I helped him make it.”

8. “Walked in the in-law’s guest bedroom and saw this. They must’ve won a major award.”

9. “Our cat, Dean, likes to sit around on the floor all day. My dad decided to have some fun and made this masterpiece. The Creation of Dean.

10. “Dog Ross — my cousin’s coworker made this for her dog.”

11. “So I made this pillow for a mom long ago, and she sent me this — I guess she meant a job well done.”

12. “A boy drew it, and I made this one with his drawing.”

13. “This restaurant reminds men to check their zippers on the way out of the bathroom.”

14. “A handmade vertical chess board”

15. “Bought a house and found a business card for an exterminator. Wife freaked when she opened the drawer.”

16. “A local grocer was selling mangos with this.”

17. “My husband is redoing our lawn. I didn’t want our neighbors to think we were neglectful homeowners, so I made a sign.”

18. “This has been holding the door open from our locker room to the bathroom for years. I just noticed that it was not a hunk of garbage.”

19. “I went to a bar for some food and the bathroom door had options...”

Do you think that creativity can be thought up or is it something we’re born with? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.


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